Giving Cloth Diapers A Try

22 Mar

If you think you’d like to try out cloth diapers, just to see if they might be for you, there are several great options that are pretty inexpensive. You can get a mini kit, use a trial program, or buy used diapers.

I started with the Green Mountain Diapers Newborn Mini Kit.  I would recommend adding a second package of wipes, a pail liner, a Snappi, and a spray bottle to the order. We started using the cloth diapers after the baby’s umbilical cord fell off, and it was a great success. The only downside is that the mini kit only comes in newborn size, so if you have an older baby, you would have to order the pieces individually and not as part of a kit.

Jillian’s Drawers has a offer to try cloth diapers for $10. I have not tried this myself, but it looks like a nice way to try the most popular diapering systems for a very reasonable price. Also, the diapers you get are brand new and not previously used.

Finally, you can buy second-hand diapers from Diaper Swappers, Craigslist, or at for-sale-or-trade event at your local chapter of the Real Diaper Association. There is nothing unsanitary about using second-hand cloth diapers, because cloth diapers are designed to be used over and over.

This is part four in a five part series.


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