Go Take A Walk

27 Mar

Taking regular walks is a habit I’ve formed shortly after Daisy was born. It started because Daisy loves to be outside and is at her happiest when we are walking together, either in the carrier or the stroller. At first, our walks were to Jim’s office to “pick him up” from work and walk home together. It was one of the nicest parts of my day – the three of us walking home, Daisy listening as Jim and I talked.

Now Daisy and I go for longer walks earlier in the day because it’s a great way to fill up that time in between naps. Last Thursday, she had a low fever, and wanted to be held and to move at the same time. So I popped her in the front carrier and we walked. For three hours. I think we walked about six miles total. When we got home, the baby’s fever was all gone and she was in a much better mood. I had a sore back and sore legs, but it was worth it.

I have the Omron HJ105Ā pedometer to track my steps and mileage and I’m very happy with it. One of my favorite features is the “aerobic steps” feature, which tracks both the number of steps and amount of time that your walking can be considered effective aerobic exercise. For steps to count as aerobic steps, you have to walk more than 60 steps per minute and walk for more than 10 minutes continuously. This is great for people on using the Weight Watchers program because you can use your number of aerobic steps to earn Points. My only problem with this pedometer is that it is hard to find batteries for it.

Many new mothers struggle with making time for exercising. I know that I certainly do. However, if I frame the walk as “Daisy really needs to go outside for a walk. It’s good for her and she enjoys it so much.” then I am lacing up my sneakers a few minutes later. My only consideration is how long of a walk we can take before we need to be home for nap time. And it makes me happy that I am setting the example that “In our family, we take regular walks.” Walking is such a good lifetime habit.


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